I like this idea. Stars with the picture in it. Maybe not that but I like the idea

If your a person who believes in keeping faith, then the star tattoo is meant just for you. Here are some of the best star tattoos designed til date!


Pink shooting star tattoo, cool but I think I would use different colors add to my shooting stars

For the Lexi but on my shoulder. I love this

Aries Constellation Tattoo - so so awesome! Kewl but would need the cancer constellation.nice orians belt my fav

Getting that :)

Stars and nautical star tattoo. I love this one, def want the pink & black star. Could add this to the 3 stars I already have

Unique Star tattoo deep dark outline so simple but the stars look more like constellations.

Star Tattoos are believed to represent leadership, fame and fortune. Usually women love to wear Star tattoos. The most common Star Tattoos for Women are small and colorful ones.

You Will Not #Believe These 32 Stunning Celestial Tattoos ...

Purple & Blue Stars Tattoo - could go with my celestial tattoo I have on my ankle! Adding stars for my daughter-in- law and grandkids!