Camille Clifford, The Gibson Girl

Camille Clifford~the original "Gibson Girl." A Gibson Girl was the personification of the feminine ideal of beauty portrayed by the satirical pen-and-ink illustrations of illustrator Charles Dana Gibson DAMN!

Les modes, 1901

Edwardian Fashion - 1907 Elegant strips break up the black, keeping it from looking too heavy and a white collar prevents the black from washing out her face

1912 Elegance

Fashion for Women, 1912 "S-Bend" corset in a time travel romance I am reading! Too funny. Made to make your waist small, and push out your bottom and bust.

Chaque jour vous trouvez des tutos  a realiser du monde entier.  Je remercie chacune d'entre vous pour vos visites et les autres pour leurs gentils commentaires déposés.

Edwardian Princess Dress: Miss Isabel Jay as ‘Princess Marie’ - 1909 - The King of Cadonia - Ermine trim Gown - Prince of Wales’ Theatre


19 Razones por las que la moda de los años 20 te hará querer viajar a través del tiempo

Children at Tea Party 1902

This picture was taken in and it shows children enjoying a tea party.Little girls have always loved tea parties.