This shipwreck which is located in the small village of Bunbeg on the west coast of Co Donegal, Ireland. Known locally as 'Bád Eddie'(Eddie's Boat), it has been situated on Magherclogher beach since the early where it had run ashore due to rough seas.

Roots - Arnold Kenseth

Afraid of roots and depths …

Jorge Mayet De Mis Vivos y Mis Muertos 2008 Electrical wire, paper, acrylics…

Starfish on Rocky Beach | Content in a Cottage

Starfish on a rocky beach under a beautiful sky. via I have a hard time believing starfish are real too. These beautiful rocks look as i.

Factories and chimneys in Middlesborough 1940s

Middlesborough chimneys and factories. For many years in the century Teesside set the world price for iron and steel.

"La sirène" - © Žilda (Flickr)

art on an abandoned boat. French street artist Zilda hands paints classical work on paper before pasting up.