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Cool Ford 2017: The first production Model T Ford was finished in Detroit on this day in 1908!!!...  Cars and Trucks Check more at http://carsboard.pro/2017/2017/01/11/ford-2017-the-first-production-model-t-ford-was-finished-in-detroit-on-this-day-in-1908-cars-and-trucks/

Diane Bjorling said: I saw a quote " If there is no struggle,there is not progress ~ Frederick Douglass", but I feel that this quote makes a lot more sense many times"Progress is man's ability to c.

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T-model Ford car parked outside Geelong Library at its launch in 1915

Last Model T Ford leaves assembly line, Louisville, Kentucky, 1927. :: R. G. Potter Collection

Last Model T Ford leaves assembly line, at Ford plant on Southwestern Parkway Louisville, Kentucky, on July :: R.

First Auto Assembly Line. A little-known building on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, was once home the to the first automobile production facility in the world to feature an assembly line. Ford’s claim to fame began in the Highland Park Ford Plant in the early 1900s in this revolutionary building that now sits essentially abandoned. Currently the structure is used to house assorted documents and artifacts.

Henry Ford created the first automobile assembly line in the early This created jobs and a whole new way of production in the United States. This added to the industrial movement that many of the modernist authors and poets wrote about during this time.

Model T Ford Forum: Old photos, getting planked.

This historic photo shows the old plank road that used to run to the North Head Lighthouse

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Robot Kills Worker: On January Robert Williams was working in a Flat Rock, Michigan casting plant for Ford Motors, Williams was killed by a robot. The assembly line worker is the first recorded human death by robot.

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Steam Engines - 1894 Print of Industrial Steam Powered Victorian Machines - Beam Engine - Brunel -Technical Drawing - Steampunk Machinery

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