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mangycoyote: “ three points where two lines meet ”


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“The Cup Of His Murders Is Flowing Over And In His Coat Shall Be Many Curses” - Teagan White, 2017

teaganwhite: ““The Cup Of His Murders Is Flowing Over And In His Coat Shall Be Many Curses”, gouache and watercolor on paper. Come see these rabbit buddies and more paintings by me, Erica.

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Atrium by CoyoteMange

+ by Akonis.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Cloud A mythical white finched wolf. Has rain colored eyes tribe like markings on face. Is clumsy and hesitants slot. Is a very wise entree of the stars. is open for rp is in moon pack

Floating Heads by *CoyoteMange on deviantART

Floating Heads by CoyoteMange

Misofay by Tatchit.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Name- Leilani Age- 15 Gender- female Personality- kind, silly, doesn't mind a…

Mangy Coyote | Art Amino

mangycoyote cat from wonderland

Three little tricksters #icarusandthesun #fennec #fox #animal #sketch #doodle #art by _picolo

Three little tricksters by Gabriel Picolo

Yasko by Sheylu on deviantART

Overdue Commission for Shinkei-Shinto of their bumblebee-pied morph ball python naga, Yasko! Markings Note: This is colored after a bumblebee morph with pied markings, real bumblebee-pieds have all.

So cooool!!

eatsleepdraw: Them Wolves Nina.


Shadow, female she is trying to be mates with the gnaw wolf bone. She is very fierce, and a outstanding fighter.

Third in my "mirrored" series of Pokemon with their Alolan forms. Flipped version here. Alolan Meowth used to be royalty, but after the monarchy fell it took to living in the streets, hoarding...

Icy Grace by Lhuin Yyyyeaahhh I wasn’t exactly planning on doing even more Pokémon fanart but then this gorgeous thing was announced yesterday and I just had to ; Ninetales was already one of my all.

Werewolf Art

Werewolf Art

DragonFruit, mates with mask. Female. Sets herself on fire to prevent enemies.

Sunset: Energetic, sometimes short-tempered. In the telestic pack.

Auction - open. by Safiru.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Auction - closed by Safiru