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Cara Delevingne for Burberry Timepieces  Beauty Ads

Cara Delevingne for Burberry Timepieces & Beauty Ads

Cara Delevingne for Burberry Beauty Spring 2011 looks stunning at this campaign. I believe she is typical Soft Summer on this images wit.

Wunsch / Vorschlag von Sandra - 1. Makeup node look, haare offen

Burberry Blonde – As one of the faces of Burberry’s mainline campaign, British model Cara Delevingne now goes solo for the beauty campaign from the major label. Wearing nude tones, Cara dons a Burberry trench in the three image advertisements.

Кара Делевинь

love her, she's absolutely gorgeous Fashion Model, Beauty Style inspiration, Fashion photography, Long hair

Обнаженная Кара Делевинь в съемке Esquire.

Photo of a tranced Cara Delevigne that accompanies Esquire's article that practically comes right out and says she's a Monarch mind controlled sex slave.

For beginners the makeup game might seem a little overwhelming at first, but as the saying goes ‘practice makes a man perfect’ is the same for makeup too. If you wish to rule the title of ‘applying makeup immaculately’, you need to remember than mistakes are always a part of the learning process. Make a few mistakes, learn how to fix those mistakes, and most importantly never give up.

Fresh faced with a Coral lip - Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is an English fashion model, socialite, actress and singer.

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