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Marbleized Easter Eggs! Olive oil and Easter egg dye in a shallow plate and swirl the egg around!

Marbleized Easter Eggs- pour Olive oil and dye in a shallow plate and swirl the egg around

Coloring Easter Eggs: A Dozen Ways to Color a Dozen Eggs | Kenarry

Coloring Easter Eggs: A Dozen Ways to Color a Dozen Eggs

Less messy Easter Egg Dying and it gets the kids more involved! Instead of using the straight up little bottles of food coloring, I bet koolaid mixed with water and eyedroppers would offer more colors, scent and be much cheaper!

DIY Science Experiment #20 - Volcano Easter Eggs! Thought a baking soda volcano was fun? Think again with this experiment that uses the same science to reinvent the way we dye easter eggs!

Volcano Egg Dyeing-make paste with baking soda, water and food coloring, an dpaint on eggs. Then pour on vinegar for volcano eruptions!

Pick some leaves and flowers from your yard to create garden-inspired designs!

DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Guest Post: Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Tutorial created by: Alisa Burke ~ I couldn't decide whether these create pieces of art or a cross between Zentagles & doodling.  I got this website from another pinner, but this picture showed more eggs.  But thanks to Pinner: Cindy Gast for the kick a$$ find!


Doodle Easter Eggs ~ Forget about color and keep your Easter Eggs simple in black and white. Take out your sharpie and have fun doodling on your eggs.

Classic crisp rice treats are reconfigured into an Easter-ready surprise. Recipe: Crispy Easter Eggs

The 85 Most Delish Easter Desserts

These Easter egg rice krispy treats would be a nice, homemade addition to the party and take home bags.


Thread-Wrapped Dyed Easter Eggs

Silk Tie velikonoční vajíčka - 80 Creative a zábava Velikonoční vajíčko zdobení a nápady řemesla

80 Creative and Fun Easter Egg Decorating and Craft Ideas - Page 5 of 8 -...

Silk Tie Eggs- Martha Stewart staff member Jackie Manzolillo shares her family's special technique for dyeing eggs.

Dying eggs using rubber bands, sticker dots and masking tape.

Dying eggs using rubber bands, sticker dots and masking tape. next year when the girls are little older

Rubber Bands Technique (Easter Egg Decorating) | Spoonful

Egg dyeing rubber band technique-Stretch the uses of an ordinary office supply with this easy technique


Lace Eggs - elegant egg decorating ideas - interesting and different ways to dye Easter eggs - Sunday brunch decorating - fancy and fabulous ways for dying eggs - classroom craft

Nautical Easter eggs by H2OBungalow

Nautical Easter Eggs

These easy to make nautical easter eggs were a big hit at our Easter gathering. SImple, fun and inexpensive idea for a coastal Easter holiday decor.

Pioneer Woman Crispy Easter Eggs

Krispy Easter Eggs

Krispy Easter Eggs 4 Tbs pack 10 oz Mini cps Rice Krispies-Assorted Sprinkles-Small Chocolate Easter Eggs-Plastic Eggs Melt butter-Add marshmallows, stir til melted-Remove from heat, add rice cereal, stir til coated-spray inside o