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Why am I laughing so hard<<< BECAUSE ITS AWESOME XD

Why am I laughing so hard? Ash, I think something is wrong with your finger my friend

I can't stand that "documentary"

There is no way they met them 64 times! I mean seriously they r just trying to get attention! Real directioners won't say that they would say that they want to meet so bad because they r their idols!

they were my motivation to everything and always relaxed me with their songs. Loves and kisses to my papies <3

I just wish they knew. When my friends weren't there when i needed them these boys were there they were always there i wish they know they have a huge place in my heart which will forever be there's and they're my whole life i love them loads ❤❤❤

One direction funnies. --- I can't stop laughing at this! "The curly bitch did what?

Why you all up in my grillll??????

Another one of my favorites is why are you all up in my grill I don't remember barbequing *Insert B word here* or just using a fandom insult that they don't get.

Same Ash same

Image about ashton irwin in baes and girls 🙌🏻💫 by ғȏяєṿєя ċяѧẓʏ

the 5sos dress code

Pre-prepared holes and "if you turn up in blue jeans you just get your butt home"

Mashton ❤️

😂😂 calums face is my face when my family eats all the pizza and decent leave me any

Luke Hemming is a bit of a badass

The 5SOS Burn Book on

Luke the savage sassy luke appreciation post. I actually quote him when I get in an argument :P

yep, I love my dorks <3 @Ashton Jenkins Irwin @Calum Paton Hood @Luke Eshleman Hemmings @Michael Dussert Clifford

Dose any one see that like wear the same shirt ?but yet I love my dorks Jenkins Jenkins Irwin Paton Paton Hood Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings Dussert Dussert Clifford

Stop doing that, it's weird

You see, my mom will just do that weird thing with me so, I mean, I can't ever be too weird for my mom.