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"When you speak, this is what I think," said Grandma. Photo: A cartoon phone and tube are pictured. The phone says, "I phone, you tube.

So glad that I've found an easy solution to this problem!! ffs.jamberrynails.net

21 Things Only Girls Who Are Addicted To Nail Polish Know To Be True

nails except mines reversed because im left handed. no matter how hard i try my left hand just doesnt look as good :(

Sounds about right  My mother was the absolute master of make do and solve problems with common sense, and i fear my grandchildren will not have the necessary learned skills to survive.  K.W.

Washing instructions Clothes Label says Or give it to your mother She knows how to do it. washing clothes in college away form mom,

⌃-Z, ⌃-V, ⌃-X

Funny pictures about Real life shortcuts. Oh, and cool pics about Real life shortcuts. Also, Real life shortcuts photos.

As I do more laundry...

As I do more laundry, nudists seem less crazy -- the perfect sign for my laundry room.

I pray for this daily.

Rock-paper-scissors - a hand game played by two or more people, where players simultaneously form one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. The "rock" beats scissors, the "scissors" beat paper and the "paper" beats rock.

Science Humor!

So this is how rain is made? nice oc im tired of reposts Cloud Humor So this is how rain made? nice oc im tired of reposts

Laughed for 10 minutes straight... just cause its so cheesy

Funny when people go outta their way to get jalapeno business when they arent really apart of your life

Let's bring some humor in with the power. Maxine allows herself the power to say exactly what she is thinking, and often what we are thinking too! I am offering her as role model for truth-telling, sometimes done with a touch of humor!

Maxine: "My idea of a Super Bowl is a toilet that cleans itself!

Face-Replace Dilemma

Funny pictures about Difficult face swap. Oh, and cool pics about Difficult face swap. Also, Difficult face swap.

Moms terminologies and acronyms can actually be altered oftentimes. Crazy  right?

Guess who's got a smart phone! Crazy Funny Texts from Mom. Her Auto Corrects and fumblings are absurd! Hilarious& embarrassing parents texts are seriously nuts

hahahahahaha my kids thought this was awesome...even though it had to be explained to them

Funny pictures about Anger management. Oh, and cool pics about Anger management. Also, Anger management photos.

I pin every thing!!!! I think they made this just for me!!!!

If you liked it then you shoulda put a pin on it! (spoof on Beyonce's song "single ladies") haha.