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tumblr_nhl90xaXCt1qfswexo8_540.png (7)

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This is the sequel to Darkiplier and Antisepticeye X Reader. You, the reader can't keep out of trouble can you?

"Jack is here." ❤️ I can't even count how many times his presence has saved me from being rushed to the hospital. No joke.

" ❤️ I love him, not in a scary creep way. In a genuine way , he makes a lot of people happy and feel loved and that means more than words can truly express.

Dark feels offended that people have been paying more attebtiom to Anti, rather than him.. Just thought id clarify :). Anti and Dark

Antisepticeye from Jack's 2016 Halloween video and Darkiplier from Mark's Date with Markiplier game

Everyone supports one man. We band together!

hes just awesome. He cares so much for others, but doesnt realize how much good and joy he has brought to them. Me being one of those people.

Dark and Anti combination edit. Not mine but it's amazing

Dark and Anti combination edit. Not mine but it's amazing<<<holy shit this is my new favorite piece of fanart