Calypso and Leo <3

I like how when viria draws these two kissing, she purposefully makes it obvious Leo, for once, has no idea what to do with his hands. They don't even fiddle or anything, just either hang by his side or go behind his back.


This is the song I said reminded me of Nico. It's awesome it's called "Demons" by Imagine Dragons go listen to it NOW the song is VERY important to me

Sarcastic Leo Valdez

*fangirl squeal* *fangirl faint* <-- I've actually drawn a little Leo with the rainbows quote on a friend's driveway. :D<<< You, my friend, are fantastic

MoA: Scandal in the Stables by on @deviantART hehe Percy.

Love Mark of Athena, such an awesome book and part of an amazing series. This is like my favorite scene in all the books.

Aí meu core

Frank Zhang and Mars. is his eye burning or something.<<<<<< he's turning into an animal<<< no his eye is burning bc his life stick is burning

Leo and Calypso pursuing there dream together

words cannot describe how much I love this. I love Leo like my older brother, and this picture is just so perfect.