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El señor de los anillos en ilustraciones....

El señor de los anillos en ilustraciones....

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Lotr - Memy I Inne

Rivendell- from Lord of The Rings... One of the GREATEST movie series of all time!!!

no real world double for rivendell rivendell was created in a computer

lotr_rohan_banner___full_gold_by_saltso-d7mle8u.jpg (670×1192)

lotr_rohan_banner___full_gold_by_saltso-d7mle8u.jpg (670×1192)

Witch-King of Angmar - The Lord of the Rings - Mikee Flores

Another depiction of the Witch King. Note the general look of the helm, which is a bit spikey and crownlike.

ilustraciones de Alan Lee. #Tolkien #LOTR

The History of The Lord of the Rings: From Weathertop to the Ford - Anne Marie Gazzolo - Author of Middle-earth

Alan Lee - The Children of Hurin

elgrancabron: “ by Alan Lee, from Children of Húrin “ “Captured, Húrin was brought before Morgoth and tortured for the secret of Gondolin’s location. When he would not break, Morgoth cursed him and all his kin. The Dark Lord then chained Húrin to a.

Ted-Nasmith-Gandalf-Galadrel-y-los-demas-alcanzan-a-Saruman.jpg (1256×886)

Saruman is Overtaken by Ted Nasmith - Tolkien Illustrator - Renderer - Musician