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I'm not sharing

Mine ms-woodsworld…. All the fucks are mine.

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yup, so true Knox :)

If you are a Nurse Lovers, check out this Nurse collection, you may like it :)  https://etsytshirt.com/nurse-collection  #nurselovers #iheartnurse

Getting close if this AC problem doesn't get worked out soon.

That's right Scarlett, fuck them ALL!!!

Best resting bitch face EVER

.idiotic, bat shit crazy is more like it .... there should be a vaccine or mandatory holding cells on mars for these people... the world would be a much better place for everyone! lol

Funny Confession Ecard: I don't really know what's going on with you right now but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with you being a fucking asshole.

My eyes tell people to f*** off more than my mouth ever will. Enjoy RUSHWORLD boards, LULU'S FUNHOUSE, UNPREDICTABLE WOMEN HAUTE COUTURE and WEDDING GOWN HOUND. Follow RUSHWORLD! We're on the hunt for everything you'll love!

Sometimes it's just morning or resting bitch face, not about you.


I've seen monkey shit fights at work that are more organized than my job.

I suspect this will be a useful meme someday

Yes! Now back the lol off! lol.

The struggle is real today

Staff meeting

30 Funny Work Memes Everyone Can Relate To -

Yeah....When I was young, I walked a fine line between good and evil. Bet a few of them lost their wings chasing after me.

My guardian angel be like "I'm gone lose my job and end up in hell with this mother fucker.


Sometimes I think, 'Screw this. I'll just be a stripper!' Then I remember I'm fat. and can't dance. OK so I would never be a stripper but I love it!

Have a nice day...

Bahaha everyday at work! Change to read 'I have to remember that the .


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