Hello Kitty

this client has a bunch of stars and wants to add things to fill up her arm. she wanted a hello kitty and i added the bow hello kitty skull bow

Popular Tattoos  www.stylecraze.com  No. 12 Hello Kitty Tattoo  Most cartoon characters have a universal appeal. Hello Kitty tattoos are hugely popular in the tattoo industry and represent innocence and playfulness. Hello Kitty’s chubby cheeks, dot-like eyes, tiny whiskers and big red bow is a design that everyone loves irrespective of age. Hello Kitty tattoos further fuel the popularity of this tiny icon. What can be a better way to show your love for Hello Kitty than inking it on your…

hello kitty tattoo --absolutely love this

My Hello Kitty Tattoo!!! <3

Hello Kitty Tattoo but with the bow only on lower right


Hello Kitty tattoos are beautiful, cute, and fun. We have dozens of Hello Kitty tattoo designs to browse through. Take the time to get great ideas for your Hello Kitty design.

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I want the tattoo I drew to be like this. Everything in ink that's a little fainter than the compass surrounding it all

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Hello kitty tattoo

The hello kitty world took the rest of the world by a rage! Even the world of tattoo art. Here are the top 15 hello kitty tattoo designs ever.

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I love Hello Kitty

love this Hello Kitty tattoo in the tiger outfit.. I have a pic of Alex in a tigger outfit

love this Hello Kitty tattoo in the tiger outfit. I have a pic of Alex in a tigger outfit

HK tattoo

The Umbrella Tattoo Design for Simple and Symbolic Design: Hello Kitty With Umbrella Tattoo Design On Hand ~ Cvcaz Tattoo Art Ideas ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration