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Elvis and his girlfriend Joyce Bova  this is the women elvis was seeing when he was married to priscilla , why I don't know priscilla was so beautiful

Elvis and his girlfriend Joyce Bova this is the woman Elvis was seeing when he was married to Pricilla. Elvis might be there in body but he looks miserable and stoned in every photo with this woman.

Chocolate Hemp English Muffin (egg-free, grain-free)  From Purely Twins

Chocolate hemp english muffin (egg-free, grain-free)

This is the third lesson plan in our series titled, “Toddlers Knowing God.” Each of these studies help children age months better understand the character & nature of God.

Elvis began seeing Sheila Ryan secretly while in a relationship with Linda Thompson. Sheila wasn’t a quickie- she actually dated him for at least a year and he paid her rent and bought her a car and who knows what else. She was a pretty, natural looking blonde from Chicago.

{*Elvis Out on the town in Las Vegas with Sheila Ryan September leaving the Hilton Hotel en route to see Tom Jones perform at Caesar's Palace; She died from lung disease September, 2012 :( sad*}

Elvis Presley's bible that sold for $90,000.  (...cr...don't know as this is that old but it sure looks used....I hope it was Elvis who used it.....I was just a teenager when Elvis became popular and I liked him....still do)

Elvis Bible auctioned for £59,000

There are many poeple,who know the meaning of this writing. Sometimes it really is hard to go on.

A very sad note he has written himself. I wish I was there to make him feel better. It's tragic to think he felt this way whilst surrounded by his so called friends.

Amen! although, I don't know who the first and third people are anyways, but the last one is SO true!

You're really lucky

I know all of these guys! And I'm a kid Michael Jackson Elvis Presly Bob Marley And I know If u dont know who he is then ur a really lucky person

Elvis Presley with his parents, Gladys and Vernon.

Official Elvis Presley Aging Timeline

January Tupelo, Mississippi: Not long before dawn, Elvis Aaron Presley was born to Gladys Presley, who delivered a second son earlier that morning, a stillborn identical twin named Jesse Garon. Elvis would be the only child of Gladys and Vernon Presley.