The Flight Deck of Space Shuttle Endeavour    Image Credit & Copyright: Ben Cooper (Launch Photography), Spaceflight Now

In this incredible photo by Ben Cooper, we see the highly sophisticated flight deck (cockpit) of the NASA space shuttle, Endeavour.


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Falstaff is the moon that eclipses Hal's sun? Eclipse (by Simon Christen)In alignment with the Sun and the Moon. Annular eclipse 2012 shot from Mt. Shasta in California.

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Clump of active galactic cores that stretch 4 billion light-years from end to end. The structure is a light quasar group (LQG), a collection of extremely luminous Galactic Nulcei powered by supermassive central black holes.

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This artist rendering shows the view from a hypothetical habitable exomoon in orbit around Jupiter- and Saturn-like worlds.

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Atlas V Arc of Light: Rocket launched with twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes sent to explore the Van Allen Belts that surround Earth. Astrophotographer Mike Killian took this photo from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida Aug.

Moon-Venus-Mercury    Ultima congiunzione del 2012 tra pianeti e luna al mattino, non resta che aspettare marzo ed aspettare la cometa Panstarss che dovrebbe essere visibile ad occhio nudo con Mag:-1 circa  Speriamo bene!

Moon-Venus-Mercury Ultima congiunzione del 2012 tra pianeti e luna al…

The Same Laws That Govern Your Brain's Development May Also Control The Growth Of The Universe | Popular Science

is one of the most complex galaxy clusters known, located about billion light years from Earth. The Hubble data is colored in cyan and yellow, with the Chandra data in blue and violet. Happy Birthday, Hubble: Seeing the Universe in a New Light

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NASA Pictures Of The Universe Black Hole? Space and Wonder. When black holes shoot their jets directly.