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11898587_10207674011073151_8056895974889415135_n.jpg (500×375)

11898587_10207674011073151_8056895974889415135_n.jpg (500×375)

Well look at that...

Mayan and Peruvian Elongated Skulls, with modern sketches of what they would have looked like. The similarities to hieroglyphics from around the world are unmistakable, and corroborate the Ancient Alien Contact Hypothesis.

Fertility/Pagan Easter Visit

Fertility/Pagan Easter Visit

Ancient Astronauts

Aliens Caught On Camera Navigating The Moon's Surface - Unexplained News

Vimanas - Ancient Flying Machines

Secret History of the Earth Vimanas - Ancient Flying Machines

Renaissance Painting of Madonna and Child. And yes, that appears to be a UFO in the background that a man is pointing to and his dog seems to be barking at.

UFOs in art have been around for centuries.


Above: No records exist of any contact between these civilizations. How, then, can we explain parallels like pyramid construction, corbel arches, and mummification? Interesting parallels - NOT aliens!

God and goddess similarities in Ancient cultures

how dare you open a space rangers helmet on an uncharted planet, my eyeballs could have ripped from their sockets!

how dare you open a space rangers helmet on an uncharted planet, my eyeballs could have ripped from their sockets!


List of Wicca Goddesses

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Serves them right for burning people

Surprisingly, much of the UFO artwork is found in middle ages Christian paintings. These paintings clearly depict beings traveling in the sky in spacecrafts around the crucifixion of Jesus.

ABOVE: A fresco entitled “The Crucifixion” and was painted in The fresco is located above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. The two objects in the painting, which could be considered UFO’s, are enlarged below.


odditiesoflife: “ Monstrosities of Evolution These bizarre illustrations are from Ulisse Aldrovandi’s 1642 book, History of Monsters (Monstrorum Historia).

All religious people are ignorant. If they just read they're bible from cover to cover, the would become an atheist.

Catholicism was the only form of Christianity in the Dark Ages; the worst period in our human existence