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Pure White Wolf | pure white female wolf song is very quiet and shy but once you get ...

Wolves are an extremely social animal. They exist as a social unit called a pack. Within each pack is an elaborate hierarchy. It may consist of a single breeding pair, the Alpha Wolf must be male and female, a lower group consisting of non-breeding.

Henrik Nilsson

Amazing photo- The Look by Henrik Nilsson, via - "This captive timber wolf gives me a good look during a rare snow storm. Wolves are one of my favorite mammals. Image captured in North Vancouver, BC"

Springtime raccoon.

Blossom the Racoon I have a pic like this that my grandfather took in the late raccoon was in an apple tree.

Let Me. Be. Save the Wolves. Save Our Planet.

Gray Wolf (canis lupus) delisted I've signed my name on every pro wolf petition and mission continued on. I support the cause on endangered American Wolves from extinction.

Beautiful Wolf

A strain of wolves in Canada was able to mate successfully with both coyotes and other strains of wolf, and a hybrid was created that now ranges over the east coast of Canada and the US. It is a highly adaptable, freakishly intelligent canid.