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The horns serve as a symbol of beauty. So here are some Beautiful Pictures of Animals with Horns. Animals really look very bold and charming with a pair of horns.

pelican photography from Pinterest

Crazy Pelicans

Nature: An adult Pacific Brown Pelican with three bait fish in it's pouch in the early morning.

Белый лось

[ALBINO MOOSE FROM NORWAY: " Worrys be a mis- use of de mind, but me haz betters concerns than wonderin' if me coulds pass az white chocolate.

Reaching for the good stuff

If I could just reach a bit further.Balancing act, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. Photograph by Marlon du Toit.


Snail {Talk about carrying a load! Are those other snails stuck to the big one or is it just amazing! It's amazing either way. Now I may never eat escargot again}

Petite sieste avant le gouter

Quelques photos impressionnantes issues du National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2011

apparently, after snaring this salmon, this grizzly (who already had a belly filled with fish) wandered into a shallow pool at the side of the river, cradled the fish, and nodded off. Sleeping bears are awesome

Piebald Moose! Gorgeous and rare!

says: Real - Piebald(also referred to as Pinto) Moose - The link includes these images and the claim by "breaks hunter". I got these pics in an email from my uncle today. It said they were taken in Fahler, Alberta, Canada

Rare and Strange Looking Animals | ... animals as pets but be aware these deadly cute animals can be

12 Deadly Cute Animals

Rare and Strange Looking Animals . animals as pets but be aware these deadly cute animals can be

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What Is Your Animal Soulmate?

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