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Real & Artificial Sea Glass

Sea Glass is one of my favorite things. I love the hunt, the time spent with my daughter and the soft, smooth feel of the colourful tiny pieces of glass art that the sea has helped create over time.

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Jane's collection of pastel sea glass The North American Sea Glass Association

How to Make Your Own Sea Glass

How to Make Fake Sea Glass

homemade beach glass using Blue & Green Food Coloring ( I used the Neon colors from McCormick just because I like how intense the color is) School Glue Dish Liquid Water Paint Brush Glass Jars, Bottles, etc.

Gorgeous colors

Out Of The Blue Seaglass Jewelry. Handmade sea glass jewelry or beach glass jewelry with real sea glass that was.

Northern California Sea Glass Beach Treasures from our last adventure!Wow, would love to find that much nice sea glass.