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A burgundy-red rose with a faint spicy scent., in our Bristol, Pennsylvania garden.

Rosas rojas

Hybrid Tea Rose: Rosa 'Mister Lincoln' (U., Tea Roses are the most popular rose. They bloom frequently and are more hardy than non-hybrid varieties of Tea Rose.

Mr Lincoln® Have

Lincoln ~ very well-known hybrid tea rose with velvety, deep red blooms.has outstandingly strong damask fragrance.make a great cut flower!

Red means love

In different shapes and stars My rubies and sapphires, topazes, sapphires, And emeralds and diamonds.

Black Flowers-Unfortunately, black is often associated with gloom, darkness, sadness and despair. But, it doesn’t really always have to be this way. The great news is that black flowers are now widely available to change such negative connotations into elegance and mystery. Black flowers may seem to come from the world of fairytale, as in reality, there are really no black flowers. Black plants aren’t really black, but are often maroon, deep burgundy, dark purple or deep red. They symbolize

This reminds me of our old character villa as a child, with the brilliant deep coloured vintage roses. I love heirloom roses SO much!