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Brief description of Cobalt blue:  It's a cobalt oxide-aluminum oxide. Very costly and extraordinary stable pigment of pure blue colour discovered by Thénard in 1802. It is now the most important of the cobalt pigments. Although smalt, a pigment made from cobalt blue glass has been known at least since the Middle Ages, the cobalt blue established in the nineteenth century was a greatly improved one.    Vincent van Gogh declared to his brother Teo, ‘Cobalt [blue] is a divine colour and there…

Pigments through the Ages - Overview - Cobalt blue Chemical name: Cobalt(II) oxide-aluminum oxide

Brief description of Smalt:  It's a ground blue potassium glass containing cobalt used among the 15th and the 18th centuries. In Europe the use of smalt as an artist's pigment was widespread certainly as early as the late sixteenth century. Smalt was popular because of its low cost and its manufacture became a specialty of the Dutch and Flemish in the 17th century.  Smalt is a very good dryer and was used for this purpose and also to give bulk to thick glazes containing lake pigments which…

Pigments through the Ages - Overview - Smalt


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Cobalt turquoise light' beth said is it hue straight from ground that is already a tint.


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The Earth Pigments Company, LLC - French Pale Green, $5.47 (http://www.earthpigments.com/french-pale-green-pigment/).  Great stuff for lime washes.

French Pale Green Will Saturate To A Yellow Undertoned Green In Clear Mediums, And A Light Tone Similar To Cyprus Green Pigment In White Mediums.


Blue Verditer, Bice, Mountain Blue Our azurite is natural carbonate of copper from deposits in Dzhezkgazgan, Kazakhstan. It varies from bright to dark blue with a greenish undertone to two grades: fine and medium.