Chanyeil, Xiumin & Chen

Chanyeil, Xiumin & Chen


I really like Kris here. I really like Tao here the sexy beast. I love sehun and luhan in this like whoa (Lego)

that is one of my favorite things about k pop XD

I love the weirdness that comes with kpop ♥

I love the weirdness that comes with kpop every single idol is a dork, except suga but he just sleeps and slays

What is this? Exo &shingeki?  :o

Attack On EXO (is Sehun Levi?) My little heart has burst, I can't take the fangirlisms. // I have to put it under random stuff because it's a crossover of anime and reality.

Kyungsoo taking care of the kids in place of mama Suho

When I was watching this scene. I was like aww Suho appa called D. umma how cute. What how dare you do this to Baekhyun!



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Exo is watching you~~! keke O_O dont worry they wont watch you in the shower . Like Kai kekekeke .