A twelvemonth and a day ago, the woodcutter had made her his wife. And by her count, the marriage was a twelvemonth and a day too long.

HE NAO OF BROWN - moebius meme

Moebius, very nice simple lines used to describe. I always like to use less, because it takes a far more conscious effort to use less and describe more than to use more to describe

naomi okubo

naomi okubo (The Jealous Curator)

This is the stunning work of Tokyo based artist Naomi Okubo. I wrote about her a little over two years ago and as you can see by these paintings, I had to write again. These are self-portraits…

Illustrations by Julie van Wezemael / on the Blog!

Illustrations with Embroidery by Julie van Wezemael

Message In The Bottle - Marguerite Sauvage

Causes & Charity by Marguerite Sauvage, via Behance - “Message IS the Bottle” - collective exhibition “Message in the Bottle” -Light Grey Lab Gallery, Minneapolis, US. Piece inspired by the Plastic Continent ecological catastrophe.

Something about the illustration style here with handmade type.    A picture book by Karolis Strautniekas, via Behance

A picture book by Karolis Strautniekas, via Behance (Small illustrations lead the viewers to enter the main story. They tiny pictures make me feel curious and want to see what on next page. Also, I like the drawing style and color palette.