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I die everytime I see pics from this shoot XD

Idk where this is from tbh BUT WOW ABS AND CHEST you can literally see them through this shirt. (If I ever had a surfer bf it would be sehun)

Sehun, be the father of my babyyyyys


#wattpad #de-todo ¿Alguna vez quisiste saber cómo reaccionaría Xiumin si te encontrara comiendo su comida? ¿O cómo reaccionaría Chanyeol si te ve durmiendo junto a un cachorrito? Acá todas las reacciones de los chicos. Desde Baekhyun gritando, hasta Suho actuando como suegra enfadada.  Exo reacciona: Viendo un insec...

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Bless him, Oh Sehun makes me so happy TT ❤️ @ Golden Disk Awards)

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No entiendes.. si me miras asi, voy a ser antes egoísta y no voy a dejar que nadie se acerque a ti

Sehun is actually a cutie you just can't tell because he's always making a bitchface


Pretty legs from Seoul. That moment when you realize that some random korean guy has these fcking beautiful legs and He' s a male.

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