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embrace your inner drag queen

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He doesn't look 24

I just found out apparently you're two years older in South Korea.

I’m super fucking down with this,??

I’m super fucking down with this,??

Jin needs to feed his child

Spam pinning Jungkook because today is 'Coming Of Age Day' celebration in Korea ❤

Hahaha XD

Apparently wild bangtan boys run free in Korea if you see this one

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OMG my hearteu is.... Omg..... We can't lose our G Maknae Baby!! Noooo!!!

i live for a girl group calling kookie oppa His reaction would be PRICELESS !

¿Estas aburrida?¿Quieres pasar el rato?¿Quieres ver memes de unos chi… #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad

Sincerely trying Right here joonie! I'll gladly be the other half of that heart!