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"expectation vs reality" and HAHAHAHAHA this is my fave suga's creeping on my bias list but this is golden

Suga looks so confused

Suga looks so confused <<< No he was contemplating how magical the experience was - AnimeTrash

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Poor Jimin lol he looks so jealous of Jungkookie's height.


***This pin is for the photos, and not the BAD "joke" about V being an "alien". Any rude comments will be deleted without response.

Resultado de imagem para memes bts português

Yoongi x animated characters. That Jack Frost cosplay is fucking life

Our family~ | BTS

Everything except for eomma Jin and appa Joon. Instead of eomma I just use Mama or Mommy and I don't even know what Appa Joon is so Father Namjoon is here to stay.

Well aren't they?

Namjin parents of course 🤷🏻‍♀️💕💕

I found 7 but they don't know I exist

I found 7 but they don't know I exist