I'll let you go, I'll set you free. And when you've seen what you need to see, when you find you, come back to me.

I miss you -_- since you have a boyfriend: you're different, you didn't have enough time to talk with me. still waiting for you, I feel like my life is. Now I'm missing my best friend.

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Gotta think that there will be people who like you for you. And there will be people you like for everything they are... Self care statements

I hope this is true. Because to at least one person, you're going to be absolute perfection and they're going to fall in love with you. But before they do, don't be afraid to fall in love with yourself.

Stretch, breath, and miss you

Ernest Hemingway makes me love poetry so much. I still miss you Uncle Shane.

If you're feeling frightened about the future

If you're feeling frightened about the future

this perfectly describes me

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This perfectly describes me. In all my years: since I was nobody touched my heart and soul like you did. I pray daily that you would see through my lies to the love that still burns in my heart for you, and forever will.

Feeling a little depressed lately

Someone who means a lot to me hurt my feelings real bad when I told her how I was feeling. "How can you be depressed if you're so happy all the time?" And I just shook my head and said, "you're lucky you don't know the answer to that question.

So tired of having dreams about people who are out of my life...

My memory loves you. I remember the way you used to cherish me, the way your eyes lit up when you saw me. The way my heart sang when our hands and lips met. My heart, it will never be the same. I loved you

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