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Grey's anatomy- so true, I was yelling at the screen when they weren't doing a CT scan on Derek just change years to seasons

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You Know You're a Grey's Anatomy Fan When. Both of my boys have names from Grey's Anatomy!

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I saw this episode with my wife today and she had asked me why I didn't have"Bitch Baby Tears" when we found out we were expecting haha!

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Grey's Anatomy Problems When you wash your hands, you often pretend that you're scrubbing in for surgery. Nursing school almost fulfills this need :)

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Grey's Anatomy Problems - or it reminds me Lexie is dead. And chasing cars reminds me that not only did Denny die but they mother f'ing killed off Derek. Thanks Shonda rimes!

... complete with the field of wild flowers and the butterflies released when April said I do... yeah...

In season oh yeah but they would have resented each other for it. I'm glad it happened the way it did (except for Samuel) Grey's Anatomy Problems