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"...I don't miss it that much now."< "I think it's sinking in. Days that I wonder where I've been. In picture perfect porcelain, but I won't lose a pound."

"< "I think it's sinking in. In picture perfect porcelain, but I won't lose a pound.

Lover Dearest - Marianas Trench

Lover Dearest - Marianas Trench Who would have known that this song was written about Josh Ramsey's addiction to heroin! Mariana's trench ❤️❤️❤- idk what to do with this knowledge so I'm just going to sit here and cry

One of my favorites off of Astoria. I have to say that it is my second favorite off of Astoria. Forget Me Not is my favorite.

while we're young // marianas trench

Record-Breaking Mariana Trench Dive - James Cameron's Deep Ocean Dive, Diagrammed - Popular Mechanics

James Cameron's Deep Sea Dive, Diagrammed

Just how deep in the deepest point in the ocean? Here& a handy guide mapping James Cameron& descent to the Challenger Deep back in March.