Taurus Constellation

Astrological Signs and Meanings

Taurus - so many of these stubborn bulls in my life! My little man being the most stubborn of all.

Zodiac Series - Taurus by *angelnablackrobe on deviantART

Zodiac Series - Taurus by *angelnablackrobe on deviantART **print**

taureau par Ka Ho Leung

Illustration of 12 Constellations ------- Taurus vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

#taurus - the overthinkers of the zodiac~*

Taurus Facts - Taurus has thought it long before you said it - Taurus' are the thinkers of the Zodiac -


The second star sign. i liked a lot this tribal so i will give it a double star ** personal favorite tribal zodiac II Taurus

Tauro.. interesting !

I don't necessarily believe in all that astrology stuff but.this is pretty true!