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Tarnished silver teapot and old roses, lovely vignette - Brabourne Farm: Window to the World

Sharla Eck

Tea: Tea is a nice hot drink that can relax the body physically. Mentally, it can also relax an individual. Tea also detoxes the body of all those toxic chemicals that could potentially be contributing to an individual's stress.

Lace curtains & teapot

There is something very wonderful about this white house and black window with just the black iron kettle.

Ana Rosa. Flowers and spiced tea! Two sweet aromas in your room......      Aline♥

Tea & Roses In The Garden {Aiken House & Gardens: Sunday Respite} pretty pot and cup!

Tea Room

Tea Rooms, Cotswolds - Let's go shopping, but first.we must have a cup of tea!

Antiguidade em prata.

Silver Tea Pot ~ I'm thinking Edwardian to Art Deco era.-Loving this teapot.