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How many acres how much light Tucked in the woods and out of sight Talk to the neighbours and tip my cap On a little road barely on the map

The PTC! My dream hike

Top 10 life-list adventures: Backpack the Pacific Crest Trail - Top Outdoor Adventures - Sunset Mobile

It is found on the website flickr.com.

It is found on the website flickr.com.

Most Beautiful Places On Earth: Kauai "Blockbuster thriller Jurassic Park film spot and oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands"

Kauai (pronounced "kah-why") is the northernmost and oldest of the Hawaiian islands. This beautiful place, formed millennia ago by an ancient volcano, has always been a heavenly place. Originally settled by the Polynesian seafarers over fifteen cen

Fascinating, simply fascinating.

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Trolltunga - Norway, while I'd never sit on the edge of that thing, it would be awesome to see! From an appropriate, safe and respectful distance!