Travis Bean Guitar. As played by Foals.

More than I want to OWN one I would like to play one to see what the fuss is on aluminum guitars.


Upcycled Guitars Made From Abandoned Homes

A form of recycling I can get into. Wallace Detroit Guitars are making musical lemonade by using disassembled wood from Detroit’s abandoned homes to create upcycled guitars.

rick turner guitars | Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham (Burgandy Stain) SOLD!

Rick Turner Model Lindsey Buckingham Style, Custom Hand Built in USA.Fleetwood Mac,Lindsey Buckingham,Rick Turner Model One!I am selling my new Rick

★ Psychoactivelectricity ★ #OvationGuitars #vintageguitars

★ Psychoactivelectricity ★ #OvationGuitars #vintageguitars

Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar Factory Coil Taps Honeyburst 2011 USA I like.maybe with a tortoise she'll pick guard to take away from the bite of it

Thorn Tele style

electricized: Thorn Custom Deluxe Maple, Mahogany, Korina Not sure it’s a 90 because of the soapbar pups, but that’s definitely a deluxe.

1962 ES 335. We are the same age.

1962 ES 335. We are the same age.

Fender Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom (Sunburst)

Fender SQ Vintage Mod Tele Custom SB

Travis Bean TB-1000A - Kees Dee

Top Tips For Learning To Play Guitar. The basics are simple to learn, but complex pieces can also be played on this instrument.

Travis Bean Custom Made TBC

Travis Bean Custom Made TBC

T Style Guitar - Cool

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