A natural alternative to the chlorine with no chemical treatment. This natural environement pool is the pool of the future. It is naturally heated. The price of this pool is around per meter square. The cost for one year for electricity and for the water.

A natural swimming pond is a thing of rare beauty and practicality. This is just one of the examples that might inspire you. We have 25 more images and a video waiting for your comments on our site at http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/landscaping-and-gardens/natural-swimming-ponds/ Let us know what you think of natural swimming ponds in the comments section.

An alternative to chlorine pools, the BioTop Natural Pools use plants to keep water clean and clear. Wikipedia has some more info on natural swimming pools as well. These could make a great addition to a permaculture design site.

Schwimmteich Pool The pups can happily run around the perimeter to cool themselves !

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Modèles de piscines naturelles