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Vårt ormbunkshav

Vårt ormbunkshav

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Allium Ampeloprasum (Spanish Allium)

Just got one of these for my garden :) Chinese Lantern Plant: herbaceous perennial plant

Unique Olive Garden Hints

Beautiful Spring Time ~ and this reminds me of my beloved Tennessee, with its winding roads, hillside, lush greenery, & blossoms all around My happy place

California Lemon Grove...ahhh how I miss California!

I miss the smell of citrus. I miss walking through the Lemon orchard and picking a couple!

Gorgeous setting for this 2 wheel ride-upon that I wish I could find a comfortable fitting seat for.

Camellia tree losing its pink blooms. A pink bike has been parked under the tree and is surrounded by the falling flowers




071514 queen anne's lace ~ Hundkex I Chelsea Flowershow I Victoria Skoglund