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Papyrus and Sans #comic

Poor sans, to be honest I didn't really like him when I first heard about Undertale. I thought he was cool but I didn't really think much more of him until I got more into the fandom and story

FIoweytheFIower, undertale

*drags bodies and throws into the rest* Now that that's over time for SOME FUCKIN FEELS. *shot in da heart!

Undertale - Shared Nightmare by MadCookiefighter --- Undertale, Sans and Frisk

Bad dreams and good dreams are like signs from the spirit world to help guide us in life. Me too Frisk.

post on tumblr this is part of a series of drawings that can be seen by clicking the link above!! it has to do with this headcanon my sister and I have about Sans and Papyrus's childhood, including...

sans and papyrus - the story of two brothers (skelebros) by paurachan on DeviantArt ahhhhhahaha that's so sad :(

Nooooooo! Y You do this papyrus

I almost fell for it there sans, if you were doing that to me, I would LITERALLY kill you like Paps did >>> U only knew he was faking because I searched "Undertale pranks".

That's what you get for messing with Sans' things xD

im the older sibling so i hope my brother hates puns like papyrus when he gets older.

oh god sans+sans=punmageddon

I thought for a minute he was on that gay shit, but this is funny as fuck.