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This is a pretty sweet revolver

Okay I want this gun. But I also want it as a tattoo. Or I could get my leopard print revolver on me.

Smith & Wesson Governor. The Governor isn’t the first modern revolver chambered for the .410 shotshell, but two things make it unique. First, in addition to holding six rounds of .410 2.5-inch shotshell or .45 Colt, the cylinder is relieved to take moon clips, so the Governor can fire .45 ACP

The Governor Shoots 45 ACP, 45 Long Colt , 410 Shotgun shells. id shoot up burger king for all them addictive chicken fries and id hit up arbys for the mozzerela sticks.

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How To Stash A Gun Most Anywhere

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Shifter plus would be cool if you pulled back the hammer to prime nitrous and then pulled the trigger to inject it into the engine

Turn regular traffic violation stops into full on arrests with the realistic gun shift knob in your vehicle. This revolver-styled knob includes step by step .

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Amazing photography of a bullet firing out of the bore of a gun! how does the camera not get shot?


Any thing western. Cowboys, cowgirls, horses and anything else I like.