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Conversation with Red: By-Danuta Tydor This high-heel is made of unpolished porcelain, underglaze, glaze.

Fantastical Shoe Exhibitions - The Shoe Obsession Exhibition in FTI Will Haunt Your Dreams (GALLERY)

Fantastical Shoe Exhibitions

Fantasy-Inspired Footwear - Danuta Tydor Presents a Psychedelic Shoe Collection (GALLERY)

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alberto guardiani lipstick heel Funky And Unique Shoes That Are Eye Catching

Marla Marchants 3D Printed Footwear #strangtshoes #uniqueshoes #weirdshoes

'High Fashion' Or Fashion Designed Whilst High! Marla Marchant’s Amazingly Cool Printed Heels.

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Unique Shoes Made For The Sole. Unique And Stylish Lady Shoes Crazy Fashion Fashion Beauty. Unique Shoe Spats Edwardian K.

converse inspired nail idea.... Love it since converse is my choice shoe

This is lovely ! Today's Daily Nail Art is this Converse Sneaker design by suga-skull. As you can see, you can modify this style to fit any color scheme of your choosing, or go all out and make each sneaker a different color.

Concise Solid Color Cut-Outs Dress Sandals From The Plus Size Fashion Community At www.VintageAndCurvy.com

Concise Solid Color Cut-Outs Dress Sandals

Concise Solid Color Cut-Outs Dress Sandals.I would totally break an ankle walking in these but they are so cute!