Vintage Barbie Friday Night Date This adorable ensemble includes Barbie’s version of a poodle skirt, her blue corduroy jumper with a white cotton underdress with puffed sleeves and

Funny because when I was in nursing school I had to wear an obnoxious white dress with white stockings.   Wishing now that I could have worn the cape and cap too.  :) Definitely think the heels are a little much Barbie!

Now we're more interested in the hot water bottle! Barbie My Favorite Career Vintage Registered Nurse Barbie Doll

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Vintage Barbie Baby-Sits and Baby Baby Bottle Pink Bassinet Floral Bassinet Liner Blue Stripe Flannel Blanket White flannel diaper with pin Pink dotted Flannel Square with blue trim Pink Pillow Brass Alarm Clock

Midge, Barbie's friend, first released in 1963

Midge, Barbie's friend, first released in That was the same year I got her for Christmas. How I loved my Barbie and Midge dolls!

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1961 barbie.. wow i had one exactly like the red head. if i only knw to hold onto it, huh

I had the blonde bubblecut Barbie.Barbie's new look in said to be influenced by the lady Jackie Kennedy, the fashion ion of the time, was a short style called a Bubblecut.

Vintage Barbie Clothing Photo Gallery: Vintage Barbie Outfit - Suburban Shopper #969, 1959-1964

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1960s Barbies still in their boxes

The Ancient History of Baby Dolls

Almost forgot they came in these boxes!Image detail for -Vintage Barbie Doll Values – February 2013

Old family photo

Spicyfyre Creations Home of the OOAK Doll Reroot Specialist Reroots rerooting of hair Barbie Doll Reroot dolls for sale haute doll magazine .

I want one of these

Vintage Barbie Winter Holiday Hooded T-Shirt Black Footed Leggings White Vinyl Coat White Vinyl Belt for Coat Red Vinyl Gloves Plaid Zippered Bag White Vinyl Cork Wedge Shoes. The very first outfit I had for my Barbie.