A post that all the MBTI nerds out there will LOL at

This post that just knows how we'd mess with people

MBTI as quotes by their types. @aladdinmauck yours heh!!  haikus! Mixtapes! XD

I'd like to add my favorite ISTJ quote, courtesy of my mother: "America needs to switch to Celsius because it's just wrong for one country to insist on being different from all the other countries."<<< I love the Enfp!

Popular Career Choices by Personality Type?  Repinned by Hummingbird Learning Centre.

Popular Career Choices by Personality Type--funny how I fit both INFJ/ISFJ the two that I score in typically


Is it just me or anybody else feels that being called a robot is a compliment? Intp I'm a sexy robot, I'm mettaton.

School Subjects

MBTI School Subjects, they got enfj and esfj backwards though. Esfj wants you to know how things have always been done and what we can learn from that. Enfj wants you to understand everybody.