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Honda Aircraft Company Delivers First HondaJet in Europe.  #hondajet #privatejet #businessjet #aviation #luxury #luxurytoday

Honda is officially shipping jets for the first time. The ceremonial first delivery of the HondaJet executive light jet was recently made at the world headquarters of Honda Aircraft Company in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Honda jet for sale The Honda HA-420 HondaJet for sale is the first aircraft developed by Honda Aircraft Company. The light business jet was designed in Japan and then developed and manufactured in Gr

With Latest Test Flight, Honda Nears First Jet Deliveries - Driver's Seat - WSJ

The jet's engines are built over the wings, which reduces the aircraft's noise emission.

Honda's first ever, $4.85 million jet has some impressive features

HondJet Honda’s light-weight aircraft set two separate speed records, the company announced earlier this week. Called the HondaJet, the aircraft first got approval to fly by the Federal Aviat…

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Honda Aircraft breaks ground on new MRO facility - Corporate Jet Investor

Honda Jet

A closer look at the HondaJet, the world's most advanced light jet.

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The Hondajet has passed another milestone on its way to entering commercial service as GE Honda Aero Engines has announced that it’s shipped the first pair of production jet engines developed for the HondaJet executive jet engine.

Affordable, radical and luxurious - The Honda Jet will be very soon rolling out

Honda is best known for building world class sports bikes and affordable cars, but despite having a solid.

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Gallery of HondaJet featuring photos (exterior/interior) and various videos.

Honda Jet Aircraft | The Edge | CNBC International - YouTube

2013 HondaJet Worlds Most Advanced Business Jet Commercial Carjam TV .

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