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I Scream (Nordic 5) (22/30)

I Scream (Nordic 5) (22/30)

Just another day in the nordic household tbh.... Did I even do that right? I still don't understand this stuff....

Gakuen Hetalia - Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland : The Kiss《 swedens like my wife hands of.

Sil on puhelin sen kädessä Hyvä yritys Tanska.

Sil on puhelin sen kädessä😂 Hyvä yritys Tanska.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden---- Denmark, the human (nation) puppy!

I accept death for I need nothing else now.

I accept death for I need nothing else now.

Greenland: so it's YOUR fault why we have mixed up names?!  Norway:...... I regret nothing..... Iceland: great going stupid.....

Actually, Vikings called Iceland, Iceland so others wouldn't go there. So instead they'd go to Greenland which is more like actual ice-land.

Bed Intruder by LoveToTheCucumber

oh mag gosh its 9 o clock and evryone is hearing chocking while laughing