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The Fantastic Worlds And Alien Cities Of Christian Lorenz Scheurer

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'Thor 2' Concept Art is bangin!

The fantastic worlds and alien cities of Christian Lorenz Scheurer, concept artist for movies like Thor 2 and Man of Steel.

19 Templo de los espiritus en Ritroir. Situado en las montañas orientales. Es un lugar de peregrinación que se encuentra casi abandonado actualmente.

Environment is important, you establish mood through choices of color and dimension. The castle has soft curves and arches, connotations that is a place of tranquility and safety while the rock structures are sharp and angular with a cooler color pallet o

Isfahan, Te Hu on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/isfahan-aec79338-7579-46c2-9cf8-dc9a3262624c

isfahan by te hu Digital Painting Techniques: Volume Practical Techniques of Digital Art Masters

Concept Art

i like the brush stroke the artist has used to create this work. it is not in great detail yet does create the atmosphere quite nicely

The old Dark gods' Temple, A place of secrets, brutal genocides, Sacrifices, Dark magic, and now wandering Sols. Because of it's being out of use when the Order of Deacons can't meet in the ruins of Taerrum they meet in the first room of this forsaken place. Even and order as powerful as they would not dare to venture to the deeper parts of the Temple.

Floating Temple -- Daniel Dociu for Guild Wars 2 Scenic Environment, Soft Colours, Layers, Reflections