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They must have averaged about words per Chapter that’s pretty impressive

Whoa... I didnt even realize I smell like this too until someone put it into words.

after-rain smells green and soft and spongey and weirdly light

when i had a uniform, i used to go around and say “I have the same shirt as you, but it’s at home”

i had to wear uniforms for 10 years, one time an actually social girl told me i wore the same pants two days in a row

You are full of several other smaller dogs! Pregnant dog friend

I wanted to tackle an old lady so I could pet her blonde miniature longhaired dachshund today, but then I remembered that dachshunds are overprotective assholes and bite those who aren't their "people".


Even Trump is offended by this

There really should be more conventional options for people who want that stuff. I just buy all my clothes custom from overseas or vintage, so.