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After midwinter, the sun begins to climb higher into the sky and the days become longer - but don't think it will get warmer. Temperatures will continue to drop in tune with the old saying: as light grows longer, cold grows stronger.

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Winter beauty - Snow forms ice crystal flowers on blades of grass in a winter field.

Winter beauty - snow forms ice crystal flowers on blades of grass in a winter field-- These crystal ice covered flowers, standing in a white snowy field, are truly lovely.

Beautiful Winter

Snowflakes or snow crystals form when ice crystals freeze around tiny particles of dust that are in the air and join together as they fall. Ice crystals that melt as they fall become rain. Ice crystals that form near the ground are called frost.


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March and it has been nothing but snow. Who would have thought it was Spring?! More like Winter! Hopefully it disappears soon and the sun starts to shine!

Winter can be harsh, cold and usually long. However, they can be beautiful, too! Here are 20 enchanting Winter scene wallpapers for your desktop.

I absolutely love pine cones!  I don't know what is is about them.  I just do!

Frosted pine cones smell like Christmas to us. What reminds you of the holidays? Beauty of The Woods in Winter.

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All things bright and beautiful. — expression-venusia: “This is so beautiful Expression Photography ”