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And the only thing better than three motion sick dragon slayers is seven motion sick dragon slayers

I get it...... Wha?????

Fairy tail logic a bit twisted, but still . It Natsu and Gray so we forgive it ☺

truth or dare

Ok they spelled Lucy wrong but still BOOOOM goes the dynamite! <--- nah it's a nickname Natsu calls Lucy sometimes and is pronounce as "loose" but yeah, poor Lucy ~w~

Fairy Tail Quotes - Natsu - Wattpad

Fairy Tail Quotes - Natsu

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aww Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Hetalia, Sword Art Online, Ouran Highschool Host Club and Black Butler are all I've seen

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I don't really care about the wattpad book, no offense, but Natsu is so cute^^^

Fairy Tail One-Shots(Requests Open) - What's Love Lucy(nalu)

Fairy Tail & Soul Eater Pictures [Pt. 2] - Fairy Tail Poem - Wattpad

Fairy Tail & Soul Eater Pictures [Pt. 2] - Fairy Tail Poem

I whoud be like Roses are red , happy is blue nalu is great , fairy tail too ♡ join us ? Somethinh like that.