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fantastic old school photo of mom and son canoeing

Maddie the coonhound by Theron Humphrey

Goal: Take dog with me on an awesome roadtrip. What can I say, dogs are a woman's best friend

I've done this many times.....with my 2 Sons, too.....want to do this with Jessica.."Momme" n My grand Daughter...A Marie

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Coffee in the mountains.

Coffee in the mountains

Coffee in the mountains.

“Dreaming her way backward in time, resurrecting images, the young girl realized, with wonder, that the absent are always present, that you don't make them go away simply because you get on a train and head off in a particular direction.” ~ Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries (1993)

I would love to take a train ride one day. Always have since I was a little girl. I would wave at the people on the passenger trains that ran by my house.

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One day we will travel like this throughout America. Joshua Tree National Park road trip!

Wish I was here

What I would give to pack my bags, hop in a retro car and drive out to Joshua Tree, California. I need to feel the hot desert air and sunshine on my skin.

canoeing, this picture looks like my daughter Cheyenne & our dog Cinnamon canoing down the Russian River.

Summer Holiday

Perfect afternoon of canoeing on Lake Sharon. The first day coming back to campus after summer break is always bittersweet. We get to go canoeing and wading in the lake with friends when it's still warm, but then school actually starts, of course.

So pretty!

Love the view from inside the tent. Backpacking near Camp Lake and South Sister in Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness Area. Image available at Pacific Crest Stock photography.

Aaahh... nothing like the chill of the Winter ocean...to wake your ass up!

lyshaeskro: “ youbroketheinternet: “ Yes, with you ” The ocean breeze whipping my hair into a salt-kissed work of art, your hand in mine and both of our eyes beholding what could only be described as.

Coffee Break, via Flickr.

Slow down. There is hardly any more pleasant occupation than just sitting on the dock of the bay :)


My trip to Whistler, Canada. One adventure I'll never forget. The most incredible lakes and snowy mountains. Thank you British Columbia x

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Dress for adventure, explore, hiking, It looks like the scene in an adventure novel where the protagonist realises they have this epic quest ahead of them, but they're so daunted by the prospect of it that they can't even take the first step.