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There will be blood!!!!

There Will Be Blood - Definitely, yet strangely, one of my top five favorite movies.

This Really Happened, They’re Cool Prisoners

This Really Happened, They’re Cool Prisoners

Funny pictures about Good Guy Prisoners. Oh, and cool pics about Good Guy Prisoners. Also, Good Guy Prisoners photos.

Hamster Atonment is one of The Oatmeal's finest works. This uber-black humo(u)r really appeals to me.

Need this tattoo!

vintagegeekculture: “My favorite behind the scenes photos ever are pictures of people just hanging out in Planet of the Apes movies.

so now i laugh whenever i walk by one of those machines

Ahh, how awesome this game was when my hand fit up the slot and could grab the teddies.

Knowing why this is funny makes all those extra math classes worth it, right?

Pi Be Rational, i Get Real T-Shirt

N cause you're the only other person on here who pins nerdy things too

Oh my ⇨ Follow City Girl at link https://www.pinterest.com/citygirlpideas/ for great pins and recipes!  ☕

Send Some Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

Buddy of mine calls me to tell me he just rolled his jeep through a telephone pole. I said pics or it didn't happen. He sent me this.