Peacock feather tattoo love this for up my side (not as a tramp stamp)

Peacock Tattoos And Meanings-Peacock Feather Tattoos And Meanings-Peacock Tattoo Designs

This beautiful watercolor humming bird tattoo looks awesome in all sizes and placements. The humming bird tattoo signifies that you are full of life, hope and joy. Available as both a black and a colo

Humming Bird Tattoo

This set of 10 of our smaller tattoos make perfect ankles tattoos, wrist tattoos or just place them anywhere you like! The set of tattoos includes: Color: Classic Swallows tattoo Hummin

Time to let go, and fly?

7 Amazing New Tattoo Ideas - Feather Tattoo. You may wonder why people choose to ink feather tattoos on their bodies. Feathers of different birds were rich in symbolic meanings in.

peacock feather heart

A clever tattoo artist has given this peacock feather tattoo design a heart shape, giving this tattoo the combined meanings of love, passion, beauty, pride and…

native american dream catchers tattoos on ankle  | Dream Catcher Tattoo On Girls Side Sexy Dream Catcher Tattoo

I want a dream catcher with the birds breaking off like this. But the birds going towards my hip under my stomach. And a better looking dream catcher


This would be the coolest tattoo idea! Kid names & birthday or footprint in each heart :)